What’s the best way to save money and improve your health for 2018?  The answer a simple, QUIT SMOKING! Someone who smokes one pack of cigarettes per day spends over $2000 per year on cigarettes alone.  That multiplied by 30-40 years of smoking is enough to fund a substantial savings or retirement account. There are also added costs related to healthcare utilization due to smoking related diseases. Tobacco use is associated with many diseases including COPD, Cancer (lung, gastrointestinal, urologic) , Heart disease and Stroke.  The benefits of quitting smoking include reducing the risk of these diseases as well as improved immune and muscle function, a cleaner mouth and clearer skin and more money in your pocket! January is the ideal time to make your resolution to quit smoking.  There are many therapies that can help you achieve this goal.  We can help get you started.  Make an appointment with us to discuss the options and get you on your way.